Learn to Shred!

  • Are you ready to take your guitar playing to the next level?
  • Are you a new guitarist looking to learn how to play like your metal guitar idols?
  • Are you frustrated by a lack of progress or your inability to play fast?
  • Are you tired of having a teacher that doesn’t understand how to teach the complex techniques used in the heavy metal genres?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you are in the right place! My programs are specially designed to take beginner-advanced level guitarists and transform them into shredders of the highest order.

I offer private one-on-one guitar lessons in the Portland, Oregon area as well as a variety of specialized programs, small groups, and classes. Contact me today to find out more about my available programs.

Course Features

You will receive custom tailored guitar lessons, designed around your personal goals and needs.  I do not believe any two students are exactly the same, and therefore no two students should be trained in the exact same way.

We will analyze the specific style you want to play, break down the core components required, set long and short term goals, play music you actually like, and overcome your unique struggles along the way. Together we will cover in depth the entire range of topics required to unlock your ability to play the way you were meant to play.

Working with Sybil has completely transformed the way that I approach Metal guitar playing. The technical coaching she has given me over the last year has resulted in a near doubling of my maximum playing speed and a feeling of comfort and ease as I move anywhere on the neck. Her lessons on sweep picking and tapping opened my mind up to just how fast I had the potential to play and her one on one coaching helps me to raise the bar higher and higher each month. Aside from the new speeds that I have achieved under Sybil, I also have much more clarity about note choice, composition, and musicology in general. Whereas I used to hit creative blocks, I am now able to invent compelling riffs on the fly. Sybil has given me systems that let me effortlessly play and compose in any key which totally opens up the student’s creative potential. Working with Sybil has also improved my sense of how rhythm and melody intertwine so that I can now analyze bands I love and use the what I learn from them in my own music. I could not recommend Sybil highly enough as a teacher!

-Jesse Marseille

Benefits to You

  • Customized lessons designed specifically for you!
  • Learn to play using music you actually like!
  • Online support to answer questions in-between lessons!
  • Networking with other musicians of similar interest!

I have trained for years directly under several internationally renowned heavy metal guitarists (Luca Turilli, Tom Hess, Zack Uidl) with a strong focus not only on my own playing, but also on how to teach others to master the techniques required by the heavy metal genres. Countless hours have been spent carefully developing my courses to ensure that you will receive the absolute highest value from our lessons.

Topics Include

  • Speed Development
  • Legato
  • Metal Songwriting / Composition
  • Sweep Arpeggios
  • Tapping
  • Harmonization
  • Phrasing
  • Metal Theory
  • Rhythm Playing
  • and More…


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